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Innovation Women is an online speaker bureau for entrepreneurial, technical and innovative women. The IW Pop-up will feature many of our speakers, as well as speakers from our partners. The programming will feature fireside chats, individual presentations, panel discussions and interviews with various HubWeek speakers and guests.

Trish Fontanilla

Trish Fontanilla

Head of Community & Customer Experience, Freight Farms

Trish Fontanilla is Head of Community & Customer Experience at Freight Farms, where she leads company-wide initiatives focused on improving the customer journey. Previous to Freight Farms, Trish worked as the Global Director of Community at Startup Institute, and was the Vice President of Community & Customer Experience at Vsnap. In her spare time, she mentors for the Technovation Challenge and the Babson College WIN Lab, in addition to being CEO of BOSFilipinos, a community focused on elevating Filipino culture through events and programming in Boston.



Lea LeBlanc

Founder, Wunder

Lea LeBlanc is the founder of Wunder, a machine washable underwear for women with urinary incontinence. After witnessing her grandmother struggle with incontinence and dread using the obsolete options on the market, Lea decided to create a solution that empowers women to live active lives to the fullest.

Wunder won first place at the E3 Startup Expo and Competition at Emerson College and was selected as a 2017 MassChallenge finalist.


Ande Lyons

Chief Possibility Officer at Possibility Partners

With four businesses and an MBA to her credit, Ande Lyons serves startup and early-stage enterprises as a business development coach. With humor and dedication she provide Founders with solid business tools and resources while providing a stable partnership to weather the high level of uncertainty from the entrepreneurial environment.















Jill Drury

Jill Drury

Dept. Head, Collaborative & Social Computing at MITRE

Drury has been at The MITRE Corporation since 1980 and has taught as an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts Lowell since 2002. She was also a Visiting Scientist in the Humans and Automation Laboratory at MIT from 2006 – 2008. Currently, Jill is a department head, systems engineer, and researcher of technologies that support human collaboration and decision making. She has published 100+ journal articles, conference papers, book chapters, and magazine articles.












Rachel Gregorio

Rachel Gregorio

Human Factors Engineer at MITRE

Rachel is a Human Factors Engineer, helping government sponsors creatively solve their toughest challenges. She spends most of her time at MITRE visualizing complex concepts and developing a knowledge management platform for senior Air Force leaders. Her work program focuses on learning about users’ goals and challenges, leveraging her art background to design the system that meets their needs. She’s also actively involved in the Publicity team for NextUp, MITRE’s group for Early Career Professionals.  Before joining MITRE, Rachel ran marketing campaigns and programs for technology sales teams. Rachel holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Studio Art from Boston College, and a Master of Science in Interactive Media from Quinnipiac University.







Amy Fritz

Senior Systems Engineer at MITRE

Amy has worked at The MITRE Corporation, where she specializes in cooperative aircraft identification systems, since 2008. She is currently leading a project to develop an airborne Radio Frequency (RF) monitor to better understand the RF spectrum utilization of different aircraft identification systems. She has a BS in Aerospace Engineering from Boston University, a MS in Systems Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University and is currently the First Vice President, responsible for Professional Development, for the Society of Women Engineers, Boston Section.


Lu Ann Reeb head shot

Lu Ann Reeb, MBA

Entrepreneur and Educator

Lu Ann Reeb is always innovating. She is a 3-time entrepreneur and leads the graduate and undergraduate entrepreneurship programs at Emerson College. Learn about entrepreneurship and create your own venture in the NEW Graduate Certificate Program at Emerson College. Apply now to enroll in this exciting 16-credit program mix of on-campus and online courses to complete in less than a year.

A three-time Entrepreneur in the online media space and twice a Television Emmy Award winning executive producer, Lu Ann Reeb is the Director of Entrepreneurial Studies and Business Studies at Emerson College.


Kari Heistad

Founder, The Diversity Dashboard

Kari Heistad is the founder of the Diversity Dashboard, an online project management software designed to help diversity professionals develop the metrics to track their activities, measure their results and analyze their ROI. She has been working in the diversity field for 24 years, 19 of those as the CEO Culture Coach International a consulting, training and curriculum development firm.




Mary Adams

Founder at Smarter Companies

Companies today are subject to conflicting pressures from their shareholders, stakeholders and their own boards. On the one hand, they feel the need to drive innovation, performance and corporate value as never before. On the other hand, they are being held accountable for their effects on society and the environment. Reconciling this conflict is almost impossible using traditional measurement and reporting. I'm expert at using an integrated model to resolve these conflicts in a way that drives performance today and realizable value tomorrow. My background includes a 15-year career as a high risk lender at Citicorp and Sanwa followed by 17 years as an entrepreneur and consultant. I have my own 600+ person on-line community built around the ideas put forth in my book, Intangible Capital.

Rosalie McQuaid

Rosalie McQuaid

Dept Head, Cyber Resiliency at MIRTE

Rosalie M. McQuaid is the Department Head of the Cyber Resiliency Innovative Department of MITRE’s Cyber Security Technical Center and has been in the field of cyber and information security since 1991.  In addition, Ms. McQuaid is the focal point for MITRE’s cyber resilience work area, has led MITRE’s cyber network defense support to Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) in Rome NY, and has been a Principal Investigator in MITRE’s Innovation program.

Currently, Ms. McQuaid is focused on moving MITRE and the community forward toward the implementation of cyber resilience in our systems and architectures and developing systems resilient to the highest tier adversary during times of wartime crises.







Charlene Stokes-Schwartz

Charlene Schwartz-Stokes

Executive Director of Human-Machine Social Systems Lab at MITRE

Dr. Stokes completed her Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational & Human Factors Psychology at Wright State University. She recently joined MITRE to expand their human-machine team (HMT) capabilities and grow their Innovation Bridging activities. Prior to joining MITRE, she was a research psychologist with the Air Force Research Laboratory, where she served as a Program Manager and Principal Investigator on numerous internally and externally funded programs. She established and directed the Human-Machine Social Systems (HMSS) Lab as an AFRL resource at Yale University from 2011-2016. She then moved the HMSS Lab from Yale to a Boston accelerator, MassRobotics, to increase engagement with the commercial sector and the robotics start-up community. She continues to direct the HMSS Lab at this location under MITRE.


Bryanne Leeming

Founder & CEO at Unruly Studios

Bryanne Leeming is a Boston-based entrepreneur and founder of Unruly Studios, an education technology company building creates interactive games and hardware products to empower kids with critical STEM skills while combining active learning, physical play, intellectual stimulation and social engagement. Unruly Studios is currently live on Kickstarter with their first product, Unruly Splats.

Bryanne grew up in Hanover, NH where she learned about running a business from her parents who owned and operated a local restaurant, Murphy's on the Green. Her career brought her to NYC to work in timepiece product development for a global luxury brand, Harry Winston, and in project management and sales at adMarketplace, a technology startup. Bryanne has an MBA from Babson College and a B.A. & Sc. in Cognitive Science from McGill University. Bryanne was recently named a 2016 Best & Brightest MBA by Poets & Quants.


Samantha Stone

Author, Founder and CMO at Marketing Advisory Network

Samantha Stone, author of “Unleash Possible: A Marketing Playbook that Drives Sales”, is a revenue catalyst who helps unleash the possible in organizations that have complex selling processes. She’s a fast-growth, B2B marketing junkie, researcher, speaker, consultant and personal coach who has also managed to find time to raise four boys with her husband, David.  In 2012 she founded The Marketing Advisory Network to help savvy business leaders unleash the possible within their enterprises.







Maura K. Moran

Partner at Cambridge Technology Law LLC

Maura K. Moran, is a partner at Cambridge Technology Law LLC, where she focuses her legal practice on Intellectual Property (IP), technology transfer, licensing, and strategic alliances. She advises R&D, sales, licensing, and marketing teams of global enterprises, small businesses, start-ups and universities. Maura has practiced law with major law firms and through her own firm. Maura is also the 2016 – 2017 IEEE-USA Vice President for Government Relations.


Jaya Tripathi

Jaya Tripathi

Principal Scientist, Advance Analytics at MITRE

Jaya Tripathi is a lead scientist and advanced analytics expert working in MITRE’s Information Technology Technical Center. With over 20 years of experience in the software industry, Jaya is an expert in employing analytics and other mathematical techniques to large data, using the information to build real-time systems. She is the principal investigator in MITRE’s effort to apply health IT concepts to address prescription drug misuse and abuse.












Carole Mahoney

Carole Mahoney

Dept. Head, Agile & Adaptive Software Engineering at MITRE

As the Department Head of Agile and Adaptive Software Engineering, Carole Mahoney encourages her staff to demonstrate technical stature and contribute engagement experiences, tools, procedures, best practices, lessons learned to the Software Engineering collaborative environment so that the department staff are better able to significantly impact our sponsor’s projects, acting as a technical expert and MITRE consultant.
















Jennifer Forsyth

Group Leader, Waveform Analytics and Communications at MITRE

Since joining MITRE in 2011, Jenn’s technical experience is rooted in electromagnetics and software.  Jenn is currently a group leader for a waveforms analysis and communications team and a project leader for ionospheric physics and effects modeling. Jenn has also been a project lead for an internal MITRE job shadowing program and is active in Society of Women Engineers Boston. Jenn has a bachelor’s in electrical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, for which she is MITRE’s recruiting point of contact, and earned a master’s in electrical engineering from Northeastern University in electromagnetics and plasmas.  She also has a certificate in Engineering Leadership from the Northeastern Gordon Institute.



Evy Chen

Founder, Evy Tea

Evy Chen is the founder of Evy Tea, a Boston-based company that’s best known for its award-winning cold brew teas.  Chen launched Evy Tea in 2014.

Chen has received significant recognition for her entrepreneurship. Her awards have included first place at the North America Tea Championship, The Boston Globe’s 25 Under 25 Innovative Leaders, and Zagat’s 30 Under 30 Culinary Industry Game Changer. Forbes named Chen as one of the immigrant entrepreneurs poised to shake up the U.S. culinary landscape. Chen grew up in Fuijan, one of China’s main tea regions, and received a BS in Marketing Communication from Emerson College.



Julia Geisman

CEO & Founder at CareerAgility™ LLC

Julia’s passion for advancing women in the workplace led to the founding of CareerAgility™ LLC, a company offering digital products and services designed to help companies create a work environment that acknowledges and values women’s contribution to organizational success. She is the creator of Speaking Gender-ease: Increasing Cross-Gender Communication Effectiveness .




Parna Sarkar

CEO, Brand Marketing and Communications Strategist at Brand and Buzz Marketing

Parna: The Connector and Accelerator. Leveraging her two passions – technology and brand building – Parna has an innate skill of simplifying the complex, creating custom programs and engaging narratives that boost brand visibility and market perception. As a connector and accelerator, Parna connects innovators with industry influencers and turns their vision into reality, fast. Recipient of multiple awards, Parna serves as a strategic advisor to CEOs and founders, and works with their team on a variety of initiatives, including launching companies and innovative products, brand development and global expansion, thought leadership, reputation and crisis management.


Laurie Damianos

Laurie Damianos

Assoc. Dept. Head, Collaborative & Social Computing at MIRTE

Laurie E. Damianos is the Associate Department Head for Collaboration and Social Software at The MITRE Corporation. Her interests focus on human computer interaction, specifically design and development of usable and useful systems for real problems and real users, applications of user-centered evaluation, research into evaluation methodologies, collaboration technology, and social computing. Ms. Damianos was the task lead in designing, developing, and deploying MITRE’s internationally award-winning social-business networking platform. More recently, she has worked on healthcare-specific projects including assessing clinical reasoning systems and prototyping collaboration environments for both healthcare fraud prevention and genomics research for understanding how genes affect health.

Jessica Yu

Jessica Yu

Human Factors Engineer at MIRTE

Jessica Yu is a Human Factors Engineer in the Human Systems Integration, Visualization, and Decision Support department at The MITRE Corporation.  In her role, Jessica applies her passion for making the world a better place through human centered design to create innovative solutions for our nation’s most critical challenges.  Jessica is responsible for conducting user research, designing user interfaces that fulfill user needs and goals, and evaluating the usability of a wide range of systems and platforms.  A focus on people has always been at the center of her career.  Prior to becoming an engineer, Jessica led MITRE’s College Recruiting and Student Program where she was responsible for setting the strategy to engage students across the country to create awareness of MITRE as an employer of choice, facilitating full-cycle recruiting, and creating internal programming for co-ops and interns from the high school to the PhD level.

FCC Commissioner Rosenworcel, Jessica [ FCC Official Photo ]

Jessica Rosenworcel

FCC Commissioner

Jessica Rosenworcel returned as a Commissioner to the Federal Communications Commission on August 11, 2017 after being nominated by the President and unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate.

Commissioner Rosenworcel brings a decade and a half of public sector and private sector communications law experience to her position at the FCC. This experience has shaped her belief that in the 21st century strong communications markets can foster economic growth and security, enhance digital age opportunity, and enrich our civic life.



For use by Kimberly Adams and Lisa Gizara

Kimberly Adams

Founder and Managing Partner, Flying Bridges

Kimberly Adams is Founder and Managing Partner of Flying Bridges, a social enterprise dedicated to creating policies, platforms, and products that advance global socio-economic progress. Her interactive, fast paced PowerUP! Give and Gain networking seminar, developed by Flying Bridges and launched at Google, is specifically for women seeking ‘real deal’ exchanges that are quick, accessible, and meaningful.




Virginia Berman

CEO at Invent Boston

Virginia Berman is passionate about helping visionaries have the courage and skill to take the leap to start something new when they respond to a deep pull to leaping into something else, and willing to struggle to reach their goal. She left a job of 20 years at a growing organization to start up a business because she saw this risk as worth taking. At Invent Boston, she is designing products to help children become more mindful with every day tasks. Their first product will be available late 2017. To learn more, check out bit.ly/2minturtle or inventboston.com.









Lauren Libitz

Lauren Libitz

Dept. Head, Public Affairs at MITRE

Lauren Libitz is an award-winning communicator with almost 20 years of executive, internal, and external communications experience. She is the Department Head of Public Affairs at The MITRE Corporation, where she leads the team that is responsible for traditional media relations, social media, and corporate social responsibility.



















Stephanie Medicke

Stephanie Medicke

Senior Mechanical Engineer at MITRE

Stephanie Medicke works primarily on developing and validating mechanical designs, environmental requirements development, airworthiness assurance, and verification of mechanical requirements for Airborne Warning and Control Systems.  Stephanie has also been a co-lead for MITRE’s Next-Up initiative (a group for Early Career Professionals at MITRE), a key organizer and contributor to a Division newsletter, and a member of a Division organization redesign study team.  Stephanie enjoys volunteering in the community and is particularly involved in STEM activities. Stephanie earned her Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of New Hampshire and is currently pursuing her Master of Science in Engineering Management from the Gordon Institute at Tufts University.

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